Why are the stars always wear a larger size in the high-heeled – foot floating

Published: March 23, 2017

Wear perfect dresses, the makeup and their hair is always attentive and every appearance that looks thought out to the last point…
However, it may not have “fallen” and as for you your eye in their shoes with the result that you’re wondering: Why wear a bigger size in high heels, with the result that it is created that gap in the back?
In particular, famous as the Christian Stewart, Jennifer Lopez and diane Kruger prefer to wear a size larger the heels, even if it seems counterintuitive, but to suffer on a brand new pair of shoes that I have worn.
So, essentially, with one number on top of, the famous will get away with their feet… sweat, swelling and blisters.
And it may seem excessive, and most always wear high heels famous designer (and so good quality), but you know very well that a great night with a lot of walking in high heels isn’t the most convenient.
Besides, wearing a bigger size in the shoes you still have the advantage to avoid the wounds, and so there is caused friction between the material and your skin.
A few more tricks to don’t betray your shoes:
Silicone pad
Cushions, silicone make the foot not to slip (and therefore not out of place, as inconvenient as it is). Besides, the cushion with silicone tightening, not pushing, and not interfere with the circulation of the blood.
Double-sided tape
Even a “tool” that helps the shoe to remain in place, especially if it is a number bigger.

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