Vulgar attack on Sia Anagnostopoulou: More [email protected]@ rather than “you son of [email protected]@”

Published: March 23, 2017

The answer is not given by the European politicians, the answer that is appropriate and in the style it deserves…
gives Jeroen Dijsselbloem, the mp of SYRIZA and a former minister for Education in Sia Anagnostopoulou. Through page on Facebook gave the president of the Eurogroup a slant (which it deserves).
The mp of SYRIZA not “chew” the words, considers that the statements by Dijsselbloem about the South that they ate all their money on women and drink, and then asked for help from the North is beyond unacceptable and xenophobic and highly sexist.
And it calls on the “bitches of the South”, to answer the president of the Eurogroup in the way that it deserves. Signs the post as “a “whore” in the South”.
All post of Clerical Anagnostopoulou
The Europe of Democracy, dialectics, equality been officially confirmed by oral Ντάισελμπλούμ. The South got the money on women and alcohol. What to πρωτοθαυμάσει? That policy is conducted in terms of cultural features? There are no ideologies, there are no policies, there are the “Southerners” and “Northerners” (christians-muslims). That women, for a Europe of rights and of gender equality is the “loot” of απολίτιστων Southern who eat the money of the civilised North (the policy between men, women “loot”). The Southern is a bit of as a very “whores” (dubious creatures that feed on wildlife); Europe celebrates its 60 years, and mr Dijsselbloem (and several others) have their way the future. I call them “whores” women of the South to sign a declaration which should be sent to Rome and to read. I call the “whores” of the South to highlight the loaded face of neoliberalism (is that what this is), to highlight the anti-democratic face of neo-liberal Europe. The issue is not “women’s” case. But, as Simone de Beauvoir, in times of crisis (war, poverty, etc.), the women (and the weak social classes) to pay first the bride.
A “whore” in the South.

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