Minors αποπλανήθηκαν from their neighbor in Thessaloniki

Published: March 23, 2017

He was arrested yesterday in Thessaloniki, in the framework of the αυτόφωρης process, from officers of the Department of child Protection…
the Directorate of Security of Thessaloniki, 39-year-old for the offenses of seduction of children, with a victim, a child who has not reached 12 years of repeated rape.
Was preceded by a complaint, according to which the arrested person engaged in lewd acts against two underage boys from September 2016 to 20 March 2017 in the region of Stavropol. The arrested did not belong to the relative or friend’s circle of family, just lived in the same neighborhood.
The arrested will be brought before the competent Prosecutor, while it is expected and the conclusion of the forensic examination.

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