Lamia: Ready hotel in Thermopylae, which will host the refugees!

Published: February 29, 2016

Within 48 hours, the temporary venue hosting the refugees is now ready for use. The immediate mobilisation of the… service of the Region of Sterea ellada has paid the maximum, achieving the best possible result.
The building was delivered today, and may at any time to offer decent living conditions to those people who pass through central Greece, in search of a better tomorrow.
Πολυάνθρωπα crews working day and night, and repaired all the facilities, plumbing, electrical, heating, amenities hot and cold water in the bathrooms of the rooms.
Repaired also placed the hotel equipment (beds and mattresses), as well as their areas of focus.
Created office and made extensive clearings in the interior, but also the surrounding area.

The Governor of Central Greece, was found this afternoon, in the building located at Thermopylae, in order to check the work that took place the previous two days.
At the end of the visit, mr. Bakogiannis made the following statement:
“Within 48 hours, the temporary venue hosting the refugees in the Region of Central Greece is ready. It was one our own initiative, which we have taken in response in our conscience, but by showing the humanity of the local community. I would like to say a big thank you to the regional Fthiotida, mr Καραΐσκο, who worked directly and effectively and in collaboration with the services of the Region, gave a substantive and serious solution. We know well that we have too much work ahead of us to do. But I think today we did a first, basic, necessary step. The Solid is ready to respond always to the weight of its responsibilities”.

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