Broke out the companion of Laura Νάργες for the Survivor!

Published: March 23, 2017

Here and a month and a half living apart from his beloved Laura Νάργες, which is located in the dominican republic for the Survivor and the support in each of the effort…
Michael Μουρούτσος (Champion of tae Kwon Do) tries to always keeps a low profile and not to causes, but the delirium that exists due to Survivor, brought him once again to its limits.
After the message had sent to Laura, for the negative comments that had been made for those players of the opposing team, now through the social media, it sends a message around the world seeking to understand all that it is just a game. A game where you don’t fit insults and negative comments about people -famous and non – that we don’t even know personally.
Look at his message on Facebook:
“On the occasion of the way in which the world reacts to watching survivor, I want you with all due respect to all would like to express some thoughts.
First, the survivor is clearly a tv show, a game. Everyone clear on that? I doubt it. I see through social media, a very large part of the Greek society to be expressed and to judge people who don’t even know them, with very ugly and offensive way. I wonder! When someone writes something publicly, think about it?
Understands that some people would break their hearts for this and will feel bad? I read that some people are wishing up to the death or “freezing” as characteristics indicating, for people who just participate in a game. I wonder if something happened to them what would it feel after all this? Guilty or would feel happy about that?
Some of the others talk in an offensive manner, if someone has extra pounds. Think of it that maybe has been through a health problem or something that played a role in psychology, with the result to take a few pounds? Or that you can have those pounds this can cause you to feel good about himself?
Greece is the country that gave birth to the republic. And everyone has the right to say his opinion and to express it in public. No one has the right, but cursing and talking dismissive about other people.
Because of my status and of my involvement with the sport, I’ve learned to respect from the strongest to the weakest. We all have the right effort and respect. I wish all the players of the survivor to take home healthy, and I wish all of us to think more, to not have hatred and to speak with respect and love.
A simple Greek citizen.”

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